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The Story Behind Breaking Equity

We are simplifying and democratizing institutional-grade trading technologies to all

From Wall Street’s black box to your screen — Breaking Equity is driving economic freedom by empowering retail investors with technologies once exclusive to the upper echelons of the financial markets.

Our story

In 2020, Breaking Equity was born with a simple mission: give day-traders the same technology-catalyst hedge funds use to finish each trade strong.
Behind Breaking Equity is a team of forward-thinking engineers, data scientists, and entrepreneurs who love day trading but recognize the inefficiency that resource-inequality produces in the stock market.

Algorithm trading isn’t new. But it has stayed limited to the ones in suits for too long. The ones with the technical prowess to develop complex trading systems to always stay ahead of the market or those with pockets deep enough to employ a skilled team to exploit this innovation to their gain.

For a retail trader to implement this technology in their trading system is next to impossible —  you have to spend hours studying programming, data science, and other fields and then spend even more hours building and maintaining a comprehensive automation system.  
After working in automation and AI for years, we knew that we could build a platform that simplified the algo-trading technology into digestible steps that anyone can use to propel their portfolio to new heights.

With this platform, we are creating tools that will revolutionize retail trading for the better, enabling you to take that giant leap to the future, where your trades are risk-controlled and profitable.

Join us in building a resource-equitable market where each trader has the tool to thrive in every economy. We are just getting started!

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