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Swing Trading — a long awaited addition to Breaking Equity

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You asked, we listened — Swing Trading is now available on Breaking Equity.

We’re here today to make all Swing Trading fans happy. Now you can not only day trade with us, but also build a portfolio of systematic swing trading strategies and Algos.

Go to your BE account or create a new one here. Under the Algo Parameters section, choose the "NEVER (HOLD OVERNIGHT)" option and start swing trading.

- swing trading in backtests and tradings,
- 15years of data under your fingertips,
- enter intraday and hold for multiple days,
- get the most out of daily and overnight moves,
- seamless transition from backtests to live trading with confidence.

Please pay attention, you can use it in backtests now. It will not automatically exit at the end of the day, but will rather wait until exit criteria are met or the end date of the backtest is reached.

Swing Trading (Hold Overnight)

Why swing trading?

  1. Swing trading has a more flexible timeline and involves making trades over a few days, weeks, or months.
  2. Day trading stocks in the U.S. requires an account balance of at least $25,000. While no legal minimum exists to swing trading.
  3. Easily build a portfolio of systematic swing trading strategies and Algos.

Automated trading with Breaking Equity — you only need to concentrate on trading logic, the rest is all taken care of by the platform. We welcome your feedback and suggestions at support@breakingequity.com

Thank you for choosing us!
Breaking Equity Team

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