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Your All-in-one Algo-trading Toolkit

Breaking Equity simplifies innovative algo trading technology for retail investors.

Use custom-built, backtested algorithms to buy, sell, and short multiple asset classes with extreme precision and speed that remains unmatched by humans.

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Automate your portfolio in seconds

5 simple steps that will change the way you think and approach the stock market

Step 1: Choose a Trading Strategy

Choose a pre-built strategy from a library of free examples, buy one in the marketplace or create your own. Want to get started quickly? Select a pre-built automated trading strategy and fast forward to Step 5 to connect your chosen Breaking Equity strategy to your existing broker account.

Community Marketplace
Library of Examples
One-Click Strategy Cloning

Step 2: Build Your Algo

Develop your own trading strategy using our simple, online editor. Combine technical indicators with news and PR to find the alpha.

Fully Customizable
Flexible Risk Controls
Technical Indicators & News

Step 3: Find & Screen

Quickly identify and focus on what you want to trade. Screen for momentum in the market, relative strength, relative weakness, relative volume or even overbought and oversold stocks. Choose the trading details that will drive your profits.

All US Stocks
Screen Against Multiple Filters at Once
Numerous Technical & Fundamental Filters Available

Step 4: Test & Validate

Validate and test your ideas against 20 years of institutional grade historical data. Create a benchmark ema / sma cross or moving average convergence divergence strategy and find the high probably setup you want. Verify it works before launching.

20 Years of Historical Testing Data
Easily Run Multiple Tests within Seconds
Simple Automatic Tuning of Parameters

Step 5: Launch Live

Once you choose or build your automated trading strategy let your Algo do the trading. When ready link the strategy to your existing broker account and start trading.

One-Click Broker Account Integration
Ability to Run Multiple Live Strategies
Portfolio Level Analytics

Hear what our users say

I was very excited to getting started. It was nothing comparing the moment when I figured out how to beat the market with algos that can trade every day and do this consistently.

Day Trader

I was always fascinated by trading and played with it for a couple of years. The reality is that I never had time to do it right. Being always in front of a screen was not an option for me. Breaking Equity allowed me to get where I wanted to be - algos are trading while I can spend time elsewhere.

Day Trader

One-click integration into your existing broker account

We integrate with most popular brokers, allowing you to link to your existing broker account so you automate your portfolio

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Join a community of users who found their alpha and started to algo-trade. We are running a closed early access program with a limited number of seats available. Join now to secure your early access and we will notify you when a space has opened up.

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